Diamonds: A Girl's Best Friend

So you have the guy but now you are looking for the right ring. Talk about overwhelming! Where do you start? Here are the items which need to be addressed in order to help you along in your process…

Most important is to know how much you can spend. Demanding more than he can handle will start the marriage out in stress mode. The traditional number given is that an engagement ring should cost two months’ salary, but that is no longer a given. It is not often practical or desirable in today’s world of excessive debt. It should show that he is capable of saving and that he values you, but not cost so much that it puts him into more debt than he can afford. You should minimize your debt going into marriage.

  • Be sure to plan ahead accordingly.
  • Give yourself at least a month, to be on the safe side, especially if you want a custom ring.

  • Discuss what you like. Shop together, and talk about styles, cuts, and metals.
  • Have any pictures available for comparison.
  • Know your ring size, and make sure he has it.

Understand the 4 C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

Let him know what metals you like, whether they are white metals, yellow metals, or something else.

If you have questions, make time to meet with professionals, like The Diamond Guy, to get additional insights and pointers. This is something you are going to wear for a lifetime. You need to like it.

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