Choosing a Photographer

As a photographer, I have seen many trends come and go over the years. Sometimes, photographers can forget that you, our clients, are brand new to this industry. Sure, you might have had an older sibling or best friend get married, but you are new to being a bride and the wedding industry as a whole. Because we forget this, sometimes we are tempted to stray away from what works and take trendy risks instead. Those risks are the primary reason for this article.

Here are some trends to avoid as well as some to embrace. Our hope is to guide you toward great wedding day photography.

  1. Being someone you are not. You own no vintage clothing and have never listened to a song on vinyl record, but you saw this cute picture in a magazine where the couple was holding old records in vintage attire. The problem with this trend is simple, if it is not authentically you, it will show. Also, in two years when you are still trying to figure out where to hang that picture because it doesn’t match our modern décor, you will curse that bow tie and old suitcase.
  2. Getting crazy with color. Think back to your parent’s wedding pictures; the light blue suit and yellow roses. Yeah, I think you see my point. By crazy, I mean too trendy. Just because everyone you know used fuchsia pink in their color scheme, doesn’t mean you have to. The rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t decorate a room in your home with those colors, don’t use them.
  3. Film is Back Baby! Uh, no, it isn’t. Yes, film was awesome! There are several very well-known photographers that use film still, but there is a reason that film is not widely used anymore; it is expensive and risky. Typewriters are cool, but I wouldn’t use one to write the only draft of a novel. Just like you should not use film to capture the one and only experience of your wedding day.
  4. Can you just make my lips red and the rest of the photo black and white? No, just say no. Selective coloring is one of the first things taught when learning Photoshop. It lays the technical groundwork for photographers learning to use layers and masks (fun Photoshop terms you can forget shortly after reading this). However, selective coloring is trendy. It will be like light blue eyeshadow and really big bangs. You will look back and ask yourself, “Why?!!”
  5. The camera tilt. There are a few exceptions when a good camera tilt can turn a mediocre image into a work of art. The rest of the time, you are tilting your head just to get a clear picture of what it is. If you view images in your photographers portfolio that have you tilting your head, you might want to set him/her straight about whether or not this is a trend you want to follow.
  6. You’re a Photographer? You’ll do. Don’t just pick a photographer because they have a nice camera. My uncle has a nice camera, not because he is a photographer, but because he is retired and has to think of fun ways to spend his money. When choosing a photographer, it should be based on their style. Don’t pick someone because they fit your budget and then send them a barrage of Pinterest images. Chances are, they have a very clear style of photography and if you try to force them to shoot against their vision, you will end up with mediocre images, even if your photographer is awesome.
  7. I have the DVD of images. Ahhh, I can just see it now. You snuggle up in your computer chair with your grandchildren gathered around you as you bust your DVD wedding images. They giggle with excitement. Wait a second? No DVD drive! < /br> Yes, it is great to have the digital negatives of your wedding, but it is even better to have a physical expression of your wedding day. When you get a printed album, you will have your first family heirloom. Now, that is something you can look at with the grandkids.
  8. Can I get a 30X40 of that? You have just created a new home with your spouse. Whether it is a small apartment or your starter home, you have a lot of space to fill and a lot of empty walls. It may be a difficult transition trying to agree on a decorating style with your new spouse. He may hate your large print Eifel Tower, but there is one work of art that you will both agree on. Decorate your new home with your wedding and engagement photos and don’t be afraid to go big! This is all the more reason to choose a photographer with a style you enjoy.
  9. Hi! I am the Bride and the Wedding Planner. Oh no you didn’t! It’s okay, you are new to this industry, so it is an easy mistake to make, but no, you can’t be the bride and the wedding planner/coordinator. As your wedding photographer, I am begging you, choose someone other than yourself for this very important job.< /br> Aunt Lucy? Yeah, I still don’t know who she is. I know you want a picture of her, but there are a lot of middle-aged women here that fit the brief description I was given. Now, I am trying to decide if I want to go and bother the Bride/Coordinator again to find out who she is, or just take a photo of every middle-aged woman I pass.< /br> Your day will go so much smoother if your wedding vendors don’t have to keep bothering you for every question that may come up on your wedding day. Relax. Enjoy. Get someone else to do that, even if it is Aunt Lucy.
  10. Don’t get drunk. This is pretty self-explanatory but still worth mentioning. Not only is it a day you will want to remember for the rest of your life, BUT there is also a photographer there… taking pictures… the whole time. That is evidence my friend! Friends don’t let friends get drunk on their wedding day.

There you have it. A brief ten point guide to getting great photography on your wedding day. I sincerely hope that this helps you not only find a photographer that will fit your style, but will also ensure that you get great images to fill that wall space in your new home.

Be sure to talk to your future photographer and see if they have any additional tips to add to this list.

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