Here are a few of the sweetest up and coming trends in weddings to help you plan and prepare for yours!

  1. Texture. Ruffles, Rosettes, polka dots, and more. There are so many ways to incorporate texture into your cake, and it can be done with many different mediums including modeling chocolate, fondant, buttercream and edible wafer paper. Ruffles are light and airy, and can be used as an all-over texture or just to embellish a tier or two. “Frills are at home in every type of reception, from Avant-Garde to Country Chic.” says Maggie Austin of Maggie Austin Cake in Alexandria, Virginia. Rosettes can be just as beautiful as ruffles, and give a completely different and interesting look to a cake.
  2. Metallics and Sequins. Metallics and sequins usually go hand in hand, and are beautiful and interesting. One of the best parts about metallics is that they can be easily adapted to any style, and incorporated into any design. From delicate gold embroidery on a classic piece to metallic geometric shapes on a more modern design, the metallics fit very well into the world of wedding cakes! Try using edible metallic sequins to get an interesting texture on a tier or two.
  3. Buttercream. Buttercream doesn’t have to give you a bad flashback to the 80’s style cakes… in fact it can be seamlessly integrated into a relaxed wedding or an elegant affair. Rustic iced layers or textured piping looks and tastes delicious, but its not perfect. That is what we love about it! Add flowers, ribbons, or other embellishments to add your personality and a little flair.
  4. Naked Cakes. No, I didn’t type that wrong! A naked cake is a tower of deconstructed tiers, where you get to show off the beauty of the cakes insides! Its appealing to the eyes and the stomach! For summertime weddings, add fresh berries and flowers to match your theme, or for winter/fall weddings try using seasonal fruits such as apples, pears, pomegranates and kumquats. Its also a great option for brides and grooms who prefer less frosting and more cake!
  5. Cupcake Towers. Tall towers of cupcakes and top cutting cakes are increasing in popularity in our area! Not only are they easy to serve and allow for multiple flavor choices and decorations, but they are also fun, unique and different for your guests! Besides, who doesn’t love cupcakes?
  6. Dessert Tables. Dessert tables allow you to create a visually stunning display at your reception, and can be used in many different ways. You can feature multiple types of individual desserts, including cake pops, pies, mousse cups, and cupcakes, as well as a centerpiece wedding cake, or you can feature multiple cakes in different sizes, decorations, and flavors to wow your guests. Make sure to choose a baker who can provide you with all your dessert options and can help you coordinate the decorations to have a cohesive design for your table. Having many desserts and cakes allows you to choose multiple flavors, and gives your guests options, and guests love options! But try not to choose more than 6-8 desserts, as you also don’t want to overwhelm!

Now let’s go out and do as Marie Antoinette suggested, and “Let them eat cake!”

Paisley Cakes in Blackfoot, Idaho, is a great option as they do many different desserts from pies and cakes to pastries, cake pops and other specialty desserts.

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