When planning begins, brides look for ideas. Real Weddings on the Guide to Your Wedding are where you will find ideas. You will also find pin-able ideas from local professionals through out this site. You will find exactly what you are looking for, and be able to talk with the person who created the item.

There are many galleries through out this site. It may become overwhelming at times. Don't let it. Focus on what is important at the moment. Check out our TimeLine™ to see what is on the schedule. This will make your planning easier and less stressful. No bride wants to become a "Bridezilla" from being so stressed out.

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Black Is the New White

Trends do not always follow reason or logic. Who would have thought that black would take the place of white as the color of choice in weddings across America?

As with all events and activities, planning is essential to the success of your wedding and all that it entails....

The wedding gown is the centerpiece of any wedding. No other element commands attention like the dress you'll wear on your wedding day.

It's your special day, and you want to look gorgeous! Here's how to look HOT! and Fresh at the same time!


Wedding Planning
Proper Planning Prevents Prenuptial Perplexities

We, at The Guide to Your Wedding, are going to let you in on a little secret. The proper time for wedding planning actually begins long before Prince Charming begs Snow White for her hand in marriage.

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6 Sweet Trends in Wedding Cakes for 2015

Wedding Cakes are an integral part of any wedding and reception. The cake should be a showstopping centerpiece for your event second only to the bride! It should be an extension of the bride and groom, and reflect their individual style and personality!

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